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It is best not to mess with things you don't understand...

When a couple land a deal on an old house that was on the market for years. They soon find out that the house came with more than just the furniture.

We are currently in Post production of this film. Your support helps us raise the remaining funds necessary to get the film scored and secure distribution. You can find us on Indiegogo. Every Dollar helps.

Second Hand productions is an independent film company. For more information on Unwanted you can follow us on the Second Hand Production Facebook page and on YouTube.



I hate scary movies and this just scared the poop out of me lol but love u and looks good
Gigi Goodson
Looks great! So spooky!
Bridget L
Oh Man I Can Tell Already That This Production Is So Awesomely Crazy! ,You Have Me On The Edge Of My Seat, My Goodness I Can Feel Chills Up And Down My Spine Love The Serious Characters And Awesome Music Can't Wait God Bless Second Hand Production Best Wishes.
Jimmy Austin
I can't wait to see it.
Janette Karling
I don't like scary movies but I want to see this one. Ready for the full movie!
Sharon Wright
Check out the Official Trailer for the film, "Unwanted," by Second Hand Productions. It was presented tonight by Director, Paul Foster to members of the cast/crew, along with others. It was received with rave reviews!
Vicky Jones Stanfield
"It looks suspenseful and scary. I can't wait for the premier."
Cheryl Hayward Ochoa

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Every house has a secret...

In November of 2015, Paul Foster sat down and wrote what was to be an eleven page 10 minute short film. Five revisions later Unwanted was ready to go. We've spent the last 10 months assembling an incredible cast of local talent in East Texas. In May cast and crew descended on the historic Holman House a 103 year old home that was well known in the area for its paranormal activity. Over the next 30 days we shot the film and had our own experiences in the house.

The story pulls from real life experiences that have occurred over the years in the Holman house as we tell the story of Ryan and Shannon. A young couple looking to move out of the city and start a family in a more rural community. Their bliss was soon dashed with the realities of the house and its history. with an expected run time of 70 minutes. Unwanted will keep you on the edge of your seat as a dark secret is revealed.LATEST NEWS

Latest news

Premiere Night was a HIT!

  Jan 17, 2017     pfoster

We had an incredible turn out on Monday night, over 271 people rolled out to the Reserve in Longview to watch Unwanted and join the cast in a party afterwards....


  Dec 22, 2016     pfoster

The countdown is on, just three short weeks until the premiere of Unwanted. After 1 year of planning, writing, casting, shooting, editing we are finally coming up on the big reveal. We spent some time with Director Paul Foster and talked to him about what this film means to him. There is a video of the interview with Paul that will be coming soon to Facebook and Second Hand Productions. So stay tu...


  Nov 11, 2016     pfoster

Unwanted made the front page of today's issue from the Pittsburg Gazette. Be sure and check it out. you can find them online right here....


  Nov 8, 2016     pfoster

Keaton, a graduate of the University of Texas, is currently attending SMU for his Masters in music. After graduation he plans to attend a program at UCLA that will prepare him for the vault to film and TV musical composing. We are excited that he is on board with us and scoring the film. It is his Genius that is going to SCARE THE HELL out of all of you on JAN 9th....

Movie Premier!

  Oct 23, 2016     pfoster

Join the cast and director, Paul Foster, for an evening of fun. Be the first to see Unwanted a suspense thriller that has been in the making for a year. Arrive early, watch the film and mingle with everyone. Autographs, pictures the inside scoop from everyone involved in making this ground breaking film to be had by all at the after party. ...

County Line Magazine Article!

  Oct 23, 2016     pfoster

Really Excited to announce that Unwanted will be in the Nov/Dec edition of County Line Magazine. I want to take a second and thank them for choosing our film for this edition of the magazine. Looking forward to seeing the article. This combined with the KLTV Joann Hallmark Interview will push Second Hand Production Films and #UnwantedtheMovie to even more people. More info will be coming out soon....

Film actors

VickyJones Stanfield

Casting Local East Texas Talent

In January 2016 Secondhand Productions held an open casting call in Longview Texas to fill four roles. over 100 people showed up and half of them auditioned for the parts of Shannon, Ryan, David and Sam. We live streamed the auditions so that everyone could watch each actor/actress give their all.

Two weeks later we held a second live stream event as we made the announcements for the call backs. The response to that event was incredible. From these events we assembled our main cast and even found parts for extra’s or smaller roles in that same casting call.

Be sure to check us out on IMDB. give us a review and rank the movie. We really appreciate the ground swell of support this film has received and are excited about everyone getting to see it.

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